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Bought A Really Nice Oriental Rug From Ten Thousand Villages Online

My husband and I recently had the carpet in our home taken up and replaced with vinyl flooring that looks like wood. It was a great choice for our family and it has eliminated lots of allergens in the air. Even though we have pets, neither one of us is allergic to that, but I am allergic to dust and my husband is allergic to pollen. We were advised to remove the carpeting in our home to eliminate this.

A few months of having these new floors, we notice an improvement in our allergies. However, these floors show and accumulate pet hair from our dogs. I knew I needed to get something to put down like a rug and started shopping around to see what kind of rugs were available and the prices on them.

I looked at several websites online to see their rug options and that’s when I came across Ten Thousand Villages. They had these oriental rugs that were just what I was looking for and a price that I wanted to pay. However, before placing an order, I wanted to research the company before doing that.

I looked around to see if I could find any reviews online about Ten Thousand Villages. I found several great reviews about them and the items they sold. I also looked at reviews for the rugs on their website. Those were also good and helped me decide to order an oriental rug from them.

I liked these particular rugs because they were unique and different from every other one that I came across online. I added the rugs I wanted to order to my shopping cart and placed my order with Ten Thousand Villages. Since this was a company in Canada and I’m located in the U.S., it said it could take up to 2 weeks to receive my order. I didn’t care because it was exactly what I wanted to get.

I got my order about 7 or 8 days later and I was pleased that I got them so quickly. I immediately opened them to look them over and get ready to put them down in my living room and hallways. I was so happy with the way they looked and the color of them. I knew they were going to look perfect.

I put the new rugs down and I love them. It helps with the pet hair that used to accumulate on the floor and now just accumulates there and I can easily vacuum it up. Our new rugs haven’t cause any allergy problems either which is a good thing.

My husband said he likes the look of these rugs and it really makes our home look nice. He said he loves the look of the wood floors but adding a rug like this with them still makes them look nice and even stand out more. He thinks the floors have less hair with this rug too.